Womens Clothing - Banz Custom Tailor Hong Kong

Custom made clothing is a terrific option for women looking to have stylish, customized clothing.

Style is important and choosing to wear fitted, quality clothes exudes an air of sophistication and importance. The custom tailored fit is original and stylish and an excellent addition for every woman’s wardrobe. Banz Custom Tailors ensures that you look stylish and professional. There are several key pieces imperative for every stylish woman’s wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a jacket and pantsuit, a blazer, blouse or dress, we’ll be able to create a piece specifically for your body type so that you look and feel fantastic.

A custom tailored jacket and pantsuit allows you to pick your fabrics and particular style. You might prefer a classic or traditional look or you may enjoy a more contemporary feel. Regardless, Banz is able to fashion a suit jacket and pants that accentuates your figure and makes you look professional and confident. We’ll measure your exact size so that your suit fits like a dream.

Another key item to every woman’s wardrobe is the blazer. A blazer is usually separate from a pant and jacket suit and can be worn with a variety of pieces. It tends to be a more laid back look and is perfect for several different occasions. It looks great with a custom tailored blouse and a pair of high heels or flats. We measure your exact size to ensure your blazer fits perfectly. There are a variety of fabric selections for you to choose from so that your blazer is exactly how you’d prefer it. The beauty of the blazer is that the pants don’t have to match and the possibilities are limitless. It exudes sophistication and simplicity that is unmatched.

Blouses are another must have for a well thought out wardrobe. Blouses that are custom tailored allow you to design your favorite pieces by having several options and different fabrics to choose from. Blouses are fantastic paired with jackets and pant suits or can even be worn with skirts. They also go beautifully with a blazer.