Custom Suit Hong Kong - Banz Tailors Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most well known cities in the world to buy a custom made suit and Banz Custom Tailors will produce a suit with style and quality to meet your exact specifications.

A suit is the most important part of a man’s wardrobe.  Suits are needed for a variety of occasions – business meetings, everyday work attire, conferences,  weddings, a nice dinner out, charity events and other occasions.  The style, color, fabric, fit and quality allows for limitless combinations for the type of suit that a person wears.  Different suits are needed in a variety of situations.  The type of suit that you choose to wear makes a statement about your personality, style and mood.

Choosing a custom tailor to design your suit allows you to reveal your personality.  No matter your individual size, Banz Custom Tailors is able to create a masterpiece that accents your features and enhances your appeal. Whether your style is classic, contemporary or traditional, Banz is able to create a suit that makes you feel your best.

There are many components to consider when having a custom suit created.  Banz Custom Tailors takes you through each of these in detail.  Do you need heavier fabric for colder weather or lighter fabric for warmer weather?  Do you want fabric that is softer but potentially wears out more quickly.  Or do you prefer fabric that is less soft and can stay in good condition for years to come.  What color and pattern do you want to choose and what type of statement are you making?

The cut of the suit is very important and choosing things like having no vent, a single vent or double vent has important implications for how the suit will fit.  Many men prefer a slim fit suit vs a more traditional cut.  All these details are important to consider before having your suit made.