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Dress Shirts

Button down shirts, whether for business or casual use are essential to a man’s wardrobe. Button down shirts complement the outfit and enhance the overall look. Ordering a custom button down shirt ensures that the shirt fits well and feels good.

A button down shirt is a staple of the professional world and can literally make or break every other part of the outfit. It is the one consistent wardrobe item that is worn across industries and office environments. Some offices allow jeans and others mandate suits everyday. The button down dress shirt is the one constant that remains.

Unlike a suit or sport jacket, men generally have a minimum of 8-10 dress shirts, if not more, and rotate through them on a consistent basis. It is critical that a person has a sizable variety of dress shirts to match both the things like what is on their schedule for the day, the time of season and how they’re feeling. For instance, a lighter weight shirt is appropriate for warm weather while a heavier shirt is suitable for colder weather. Business meetings with others will require a more traditional dress shirt color and pattern while a normal day in the office allows for something a bit flashier.

Since dress shirts are generally worn everyday, people generally will buy at least a few shirts a year to refresh their wardrobe. It is important to keep up with the current trends and styles, keep your fit consistent and replace shirts that are too shabby to keep wearing.

When working with Banz Custom Tailors on custom dress shirts, you will be getting superior value for the price you pay and excellent quality and detailing in the final product. Banz will take you through the process every step of the way to make sure you are satisfied with your order.

Casual Shirts

In casual settings, button downs are a key part to any wardrobe. Wearing a casual button down paired with slacks such as chinos and perhaps a pair of loafers allows the shirt to create a sophisticated, laidback look. It reflects a well-put together person who knows style and appreciates quality. Many people don a sports jacket or a blazer to the complete the ensemble but casual button downs have a great reputation of being worn all by themselves. They look good on all sizes and shapes and having one custom tailored for your body will enhance your features, giving you a dignified, polished overall look.

There are a variety of ways to wear this shirt and an abundance of places. Using excellent materials, we handcraft a shirt that is both comfortable and dependable. The versatility of the causal button down makes it a popular choice for all ages. We have a variety of fabrics to choose from and there’s a perfect style for every taste. The casual button down shirt is excellent for business casual meetings; lunch out with friends, weekend adventures or a laid back family get together. When you choose custom, you are choosing to set yourself apart by acknowledging that style, fit and quality really do matter.

We use our measurement system to ensure that your casual button down accentuates your features in a positive manner. Working with a custom tailor to design your casual dress shirt is a fun and unique experience that invites you in to choose exactly what you want to wear. We highlight what looks best on you. You can choose long sleeve, short sleeve and a variety of fabric patterns and buttons. Whether you like solids, stripes, gingham or plaids, we have the fabric that is right for your sense of style. As always with custom tailored items, we are here to assist you in making the best choices for your body type. It’s never a one size fits all and we understand the importance of that. A variety of department stores carry button down shirts but they only have certain sizes expected to fit every shape. It’s nearly impossible to find a perfect fit off the rack, but a custom tailored casual dress shirt will fit and feel and look great. We pay attention to detail and discover what’s the most flattering look for your body type.

We care about our clients and want you to look your best. Fashions come and go but the quality and expertise of a custom tailor lasts forever. We bring knowledge and attentiveness to our handcrafted pieces that are impeccable. Our standards are set high because we believe in our product and know we can deliver every time. We choose to focus on the three pillars that have made this business successful: style, fit and quality. Nothing passes through our hands without passing this three-point inspection. Our reputation is everything and you will never receive a piece from us that we ourselves aren’t confident wearing.