Jackets - Banz Custom Tailor Hong Kong

A Sports Jacket or Sports Coat is a versatile addition to a man’s wardrobe that can be used in both work and casual settings.

A sports jacket creates an additional versatility to your wardrobe. They fashion a laid back look but also bring a sophistication to your occasion. Due in part to their versatility, they have the unique ability to create a professional ensemble that exudes confidence. Banz Custom Tailors create a sports jacket that makes you feel comfortable at any time. Whether your style is traditional or more cutting edge, Banz will be able to create the perfect jacket for you.

It’s important to know that sports jackets are not part of an actual suit and can be worn with different types of pants. Sports jackets are comfortable and offer greater flexibility than wearing a suit. You can wear your sports jacket with jeans, dress pants or chinos. You can also more easily mix and match different color sports jackets with different color pants. Sports jackets are the more natural alternative to dressy casual pieces because they are unrestricted and allow for a more natural fit.

We choose to focus on the three pillars that have made this business successful: style, fit and quality. Nothing passes through our hands without passing this three-point inspection. Our reputation is everything and you will never receive a piece from us that we ourselves aren’t confident wearing.